Sand Boarding Dubai, Desert Sand Skiing Dubai

Sand Boarding Dubai

Sand boarding in Dubai / Dune Sand Skiing /  Dune Boarding Dubai / Desert Sand Skiing Dubai

Sand Boarding Dubai

Sand Boarding / Sand skiing

A different kind of experience. There were times skiing was only meant to be in the winter and in the snow! We offer the experience of sand-boarding or sand surfing not in minus degrees, but in the warmth of the sun and in the red dunes. Experience the feeling of sand under your board instead of snow as you glide down. There are few sand dunes which are 200-300m high. The biggest one (locally called “Big Red “) is very popular with locals and visitors, but we will take you at this spot, normally it is best to Sand board in the morning when temperature is not too high, while sand boarding in 40°C is memorable, you do not want to do it for too long without water and a break in the shade.

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