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Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai / Evening Desert Tour / Evening Sand dune Safari

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Your heart beat will invariably rise as you enter the sand dune area. After reducing the tire pressure and tightening the seat belts you will find your life hanging in the hands of a highly skilled dune rider. Within minutes as the hum of the land cruiser engine rises to match the turbo noise of a taking off jetliner and as the sand covers the screens of the vehicle with the noise of a cats and dogs rain, you find your head hitting the roof of the vehicle as it begins to rock like a boat in the middle of a storm in the high seas. Then you will find you are climbing an almost 75 to 80 degree climb up on the thick sand and then all of a sudden you will find yourself screaming in absolute horror as the vehicle falls down to an almost 90 degree downhill ride.  Then you will get a chill on your hips as the vehicle comes to a standstill on a sand cliff where your 4 wheel drive is almost seesawing by the middle of the chassis..

This Evening Desert Safari one experience that is extremely exhilarating and adrenaline rushing which is a unique opportunity to test how brave you are.

Evening desert safari Schedule:

Pick up by 4×4 wheels Drive from any point in Dubai and/or Sharjah between 3.15pm and 4.00pm.

Drive through the desert along Al Awir Road – 20-30 minutes

  • Dune Driving
  • Sun Set Photography
  • Camel Rides
  • Belly Dancing
  • Bar
  • Henna Painting
  • Hubbly Bubbly (shisha)
  • Arabic Coffee (gahwa) and Fresh Dates
  • Photography in Traditional costumes
  • Unlimited soft drinks, tea coffee and mineral water
  • Buffet Dinner and B.B.Q. in the fire lit camp in the middle of the desert (vegetarian food also available on request)

Departure to the hotel at 9.30 pm

Sand Skiing (not included supplementary of AED 100)

There is no minimum people requirement for this package. Even if you are alone you can take this tour. However, if you have a group of six you will not be among strangers as you all will be in one vehicle.

Please note that this is not recommended for children below 3 years, pregnant women and very elderly people.

Our drivers are professional and licensed drivers and are trained in First aid, our cars are fitted with roll cage to protect the occupants from being injured in an accident, particularly in the event of a roll-over in the desert which is very rare. Plus there are seat belts for every passenger. We use 4×4 Land Cruisers for our safari. Also from the moment you are in our cars you are insured. All our cars and there passengers are covered under insurance.

One must get a camera when going to a desert safari in Dubai as the views are breath taking and awesome, also one should wear comfortable cloths and avoid jewelry or expensive watches and cell phones as there is no signal in the desert. Do try the Arabic coffee at the camp and shake your belly with our belly dancer!

A very popular part of the desert safari. You get to ski from the highest dunes on a ski board, everyone can do it as if you fall the soft sand is there to catch you .A thrilling experience and one that everyone should do in a desert safari.

Another Popular activity in the desert is the camel trek. Enjoy the sunset while you are on the highest dune going towards the camp where you have drinks and dinner waiting for you. This is a more personal way to experience the desert environment; you get a glimpse of the desert vegetation the strange insects on the sands.

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